Mike Walsh, Founder

My first email ever was mikescoffee@uga.edu . Yep. I have always had a love affair with coffee. Ever since I was in high school, I have always said that it was my dream to one day open a coffee shop. Well it took me until I was 38 so I guess I’m a late bloomer!

I love offering espresso in an event setting because I get to bring joy to new people every day. Every event is so different which makes it so fun!

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Gracie, Event barista

My name is Gracie I’m from Austin Texas. I moved to Atlanta and fell in love with acting. Coffee has always been a passion of mine and I enjoy making drinks that put a smile on someone’s face!


Hello, my name is Corey Jackson, 31 years old from Michigan City Indiana. I love coffee, photography, and professional martial arts!


Raised in Atlanta, GA! I've been working in coffee for less than a year. I love coffee because it's fun, I get to work with great people, and drink coffee! 

JACLYN BROdy, Barista & barista training specialist

Hi, I’m Jaclyn! I started my coffee career at Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Berkeley CA about 10 years ago. I’ve worked in various coffee shops all over the country, and have taken many espresso and barista continuing education classes. When I’m not making coffee for Ground Rule, I also work as a Silversmith and Hair Stylist based out of Atlanta, and try to spend as much time outside climbing mountains as I can. I look forward to sharing my love of the perfectly rounded espresso shot with you! 

Morgan Wellens, event logistics and barista

Morgan is a native Georgia peach, and she's been an avid coffee drinker since she pulled her first all-nighter in college. Coffee isn't just hobby for Morgan, it's a lifestyle. When she's not perfecting a latte, she can be found rehearsing lines for acting class or carefully sculpting a mug out of clay at the pottery studio. That mug will only be used for coffee, of course!

Soukey Alexis, Event Barista

HI, my name is Soukey and I'm a native New Yorker now residing in Atlanta. My passion for preparing your favorite cup started in Manhattan at Starbucks on the upper west side in the late '90s. I transferred to Atlanta as a new store opening specialist for 10 years. Now you can find me being of service in the hospitality industry platform. I love Yoga, Hiking, and adventure hunting. Until your next cup, Cheers!